Scottish Gynaecological Cancer Trials Group (SGCTG)

The Scottish Gynaecological Cancer Trials Group (SGCTG) is a group of individuals involved in the research and treatment of gynaecologic cancers. Historically, the SGCTG have performed a number of multi-centre clinical trials (mainly in ovarian cancer), co-ordinated through the CRUK Trials Unit at the West of Scotland Beatson Cancer Centre, Glasgow.

Early trials principally involved clinicians from the West of Scotland and Northern Ireland. More recent clinical trials have involved individuals working in other U.K. national Cancer Units/Centres, and also individuals from international Cancer Treatment Centres (e.g. Europe, Australasia, USA).  The group is a founder member of the Gynecologic Cancer Intergroup, a group with aims to promote and conduct high quality clinical trials in order to improve outcomes for women with gynaecological cancer which is achieved through the international collaboration.

The group is also a member of The European Network for Gynaecological Oncological Trials Group (ENGOT).

The group has strong translational research ties with the CRUK Beatson Laboratories in Glasgow, but also collaborates closely with other laboratory based scientific groups in the UK and the USA.

Objectives/Mission Statement:

  1. To co-ordinate clinical research in Gynaecologic cancer by initiating and performing clinical trials using novel and established treatments.
  2. To organise regular meetings in order to enable education and information about ongoing clinical trials and other SGCTG activities to be dispersed.
  3. To support scientific research in Gynaecological cancer.
  4. To foster an integrated approach to the treatment of Gynaecologic cancer by the inclusion of medical oncologists, clinical oncologists, gynaecologic oncologists, gynaecologists, general surgeons, pathologists and basic scientists in the design and conduct of clinical trials.
  5. To collaborate and interact with other groups (e.g. EORTC, MRC) in large, international or national prospective clinical trials.