Clinical Trials Executive Committee (CTEC)

Any clinical research study (hereafter referred to as 'trials') involving patient contact at the Beatson Clinical Research Facility (BCRF) must be reviewed by the hospital's internal steering committee, the Clinical Trials Executive Committee (CTEC). This is the first step for approval of a study and takes place prior to any local regulatory submissions being processed. CTEC reviews all protocols (both trials co-ordinated by the CTU and trials where the BCRF is a participating trial site) that will make use of CTU and CRU resources. CTEC also reviews and approves all CTU quality documentation and standard operating procedures (SOPs). In addition, CTEC reviews any trial which is to open in the SCRN-W, irrespective of whether or not the BCRF is a proposed site. The committee also maintains oversight of all recruitment figures at BCRF and across the network.

Contact Details:
Linda Nisbet (Regulatory Administrator)

In-house Trials Advisory Board (IHTAB)

IHTAB acts as a peer review for new research that will require CRUK CTU input or support in its capacity as a CRUK/UKCRC registered CTU.

Contact Details:
Lorraine Dewar (In-House Trial Administrator)