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Study Title: RTL Advanced Study

Study Description: An analysis of Relative Telomere Length (RTL) during chemotherapy in patients with advanced gastro-oesophageal adenocarcinoma

Study Design: This will be a multi-centre, open, non-randomised study. Eligible patients will be those with advanced gastric or oesophageal adenocarcinoma who are about to undergo chemotherapy with either the ECX/ECF (epirubicin, cisplatin and capecitabine/5-FU) or EOX/EOF (epirubicin, oxaliplatin and capecitabine/5-FU) regimens. Additionally, patients randomised in the NCRN REAL-3 study to receive EOX + panitumumab will also be eligible.

Prior to starting therapy, 20 mL of venous blood will be taken, on one occasion, for laboratory analysis. Further samples of 20 mL of venous blood will be taken on day 1 of each subsequent chemotherapy cycle and at the time of any subsequent documented disease progression. Where possible (depending on patient follow-up arrangements at participating Cancer Centres and Cancer Units), 20 mL of venous blood will also be collected at each subsequent follow-up visit after completion of chemotherapy until there is documented disease progression.

Trial Status: Closed to recruitment 01 August 2019; Projected end date 31 December 2020

Chief Investigator: Professor Jeff Evans

Sponsor: NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde / University of Glasgow

Date Opened: 1st April 2010

Target Recruitment: 400

Open to New Sites: Yes

Contact Details: Clinical Trial Unit (CTU), Glasgow
Liz-Anne Lewsley, Project Manager
Toni Macmillan, Clinical Trial Co-ordinator
E-mail: /

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