Cancer Research UK
Clinical Trials Unit Glasgow

Data Sharing

The CTU is committed to furthering cancer research by sharing de-identified individual-patient data (IPD) from its studies with others in the field who wish to use the data for high quality science.

We are happy to consider proposals from researchers and will share IPD to the maximum extent, subject to individual study constraints relating to:-

  • Ethical approval and informed consent
  • Contractual and legal obligations
  • Publication timelines (data will not normally be shared prior to the publication of the primary results)

In addition, all proposals will be reviewed for their scientific merit by the CTU and the study Chief Investigator. Only data relevant to the objectives of a particular proposal will be provided. An independent review process will be undertaken in cases of disagreement between the applicant and the CTU / Chief Investigator.

If you wish to have an initial discussion about accessing data from CTU studies please contact:

Caroline Kelly
Head of Biostatistics
Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit, Glasgow

Tel: 0141 301 7188